Premium Materials

Premium MD3 Materials

MD3 Products remain on the leading edge of quality and innovation, using only the best materials to provide maximum durability
and performance

High-Impact Plastic

Tough enough to withstand extreme conditions:
» Made with our own state of the art proprietary blend of plastic material 
» Engineered high elongation provides superior flexibility while maintaining structural integrity
» We match the plastic materials for specific applications
» Some plastics are fire resistant that pass industry testing standards

Superior shape control:
Parts are formed using state of the art computer automated thermoforming machines with temperature controlled cast aluminum tooling 
» Consistent shape tolerance allows for easy replacement
» No surface deflection at high speeds
» To assure superior shape thickness and consistent weight

Advanced Lightweight Composite

Precision Weight Control:
Parts made with the tightest weight tolerances

Custom Engineered Fabrics & Resins:
Strong – Tremendous shear (tear) resistance
» Rigid – No surface deflection at high speeds
» Durable – Parts do not break apart like standard composite parts
» Flame retardant resins in most applications

Five Star Exclusive Blends:
Others try to mimic the fabrics we use, but they fail to live up to our superior manufacturing process that makes our products the very best
» Five Star panels feature custom proprietary fabric and resin blends specially developed to meet performance requirements for many different applications

High-Tack Vinyl

Every MD3 Graphic I.D. Kit is made from high-quality vinyl for spectacular adhesion, durability, and longevity. The glossy laminated surface provides sandblast and chemical protection, and will not peel or crack. These graphics are designed meticulously by our graphics team for the most realistic-looking brand identity on the market.