MD3 Street Stock Panels

The most versatile body on the market used for racing on the pavement or on the clay. These bodies are the economical way to replace old, hard-to-find junkyard panels. They feature a complete line of ’81-’88 Monte Carlo panels and accessories, and a new,
modern Camaro or Mustang Front clip.

High-Impact Plastic

High-Impact Plastic parts are durable and cost effective, and are engineered for superior flexibility while maintaining structural integrity when hit. Translation: MD3 panels and components will take a beating and be ready to go for your next race.

High-Impact Plastic Street Stock Panels (click product for more info):
Nose – Option for newer Mustang and Camaro styles or classic ’88 Monte
Bumper Cover – Fits easily and is durable to withstand physical racing
Fenders – Fit with new style noses for enhanced styling and durability
Rocker Panels – Provide side force and protect body panels
Body Braces – Rigid, durable, light, flexible
Scoops & Deflectors – Provide protection without adding weight or sacrificing aero

Lightweight Composite

This composite blend maintains rigidity for optimum aerodynamics. It is made to last, as well. This durable composite blend can withstand tough track conditions.

Lightweight Composite Street Stock Panels (click product for more info):
Roof – 2-piece roof with extra-long option for up to 112″ wheel base, weighs 20 lbs
Hood – Scooped hood provides weight savings and maintains shape integrity

High-Tack Vinyl

MD3 Graphic I.D. Kits are made from high-quality vinyl for spectacular adhesion, durability and longevity. They are designed meticulously by our graphics team for the most realistic-looking brand identity on the market.

Camaro, Mustang, ’88 Monte Carlo Graphic Kits (click on product for info):
Nose Graphic ID Kit – Kits include headlights, grills, fog lights, and sweeps
Bumper Cover Graphic ID Kit – Kit includes taillights and emblems