MD3 Dirt Modified Panels

More and more Modified racers demand MD3 panels and components.
The demands come with good reason; these panels are designed for maximum down force,
and stand up to the toughest racing conditions.

High-Impact Plastic

High-Impact Plastic parts are durable and cost effective, and are engineered for superior flexibility while maintaining structural integrity when hit. Translation: MD3 panels and components will take a beating and be ready to go for your next race.

High-Impact Plastic Modified Panels (click product for more info):
*NEW* Doors – Replace aluminum with long lasting high-impact plastic
*NEW* Quarter Panels – Spend more time racing and less time replacing
*NEW* Nose Filler Panel– Replace aluminum with this extremely durable plastic
Nose – Has integrated valance for maximum downforce
Aero Valance – 3-piece adjustable for universal fit, providing optimum aero
Wheel Flares – Provide structure to side panels
Rocker Panels – Provide side force and protect body panels
Body Braces – Rigid, durable, light, flexible
Scoops & Deflectors – Provide protection without adding weight or sacrificing aero