MD3 Dirt Late Model Panels

“Every square inch of this front end has aerodynamic features built into it. Everything has a function. Every shape is there to help build downforce.” -Carl Schultz

MD3 Dirt Late Model panels provide the utmost in aerodynamics and durability with our proprietary High-Impact Plastic and Advanced Lightweight Composite blends.
Top racers choose MD3 for its high quality and performance.

High-Impact Plastic

*NEW* Plastic Right Side Door – Replace aluminum with long lasting high-impact lightweight plastic

*NEW* Plastic Quarter Panel – Spend more time racing and less time replacing

High-Impact Plastic parts are durable and cost effective, and are engineered for superior flexibility while maintaining structural integrity when hit. Translation: MD3 panels and components will take a beating and be ready to go for your next race.

High-Impact Plastic Late Model Panels (click product for more info):
Combo Kits – Nose, fenders, valance, and graphic ID kit
Nose – Designed with optimum aerodynamics and durability
Hood Filler Panel – Replaces aluminum with new, stronger plastic blend
Fenders – Provide maximum downforce, side force, and durability
Lower Aero Valance – Completes nose for maximum downforce
Lower Nose Support – Protects and maintains the bottom of MD3 noses
Wheel Flares – Provide structure to side panels
Rocker Panels – Provide side force and protect body panels
Body Braces – Rigid, durable, light, flexible
Scoops & Deflectors – Provide protection without adding weight or sacrificing aero

Advanced Lightweight Composite

This composite blend provides significant weight savings over other fiberglass blends while maintaining rigidity for optimum aerodynamics. The increased strength and structure means less bracing and weight in your car.

Advanced Lightweight Composite Late Model Panels (click product for more info):
Roof – Utmost in aero and safety with flame retardant resin, weighs less than 6 lbs
Hood – Shaped for peak aero performance, weighs less than 6 lbs

High-Tack Vinyl

MD3 Graphic I.D. Kits are made from high-quality vinyl for spectacular adhesion, durability and longevity. They are designed meticulously by our graphics team for the most realistic-looking brand identity on the market.

Realistic-looking Nose Graphic ID Kits (click here for more info):
Kits include headlights, grills, fog lights, and sweeps